Helping our planet

The health of our planet and the future of humanity are intertwined.

Population growth, increasing GDP, human intervention, and an economy based on take-make-dispose are putting our planet in a critical situation. 

Ozone Depletion, Global Warming, Loss of Biodiversity, Deforestation, Water Scarcity, and Waste are severe global problems we are facing that need a rapid solution. 

United Nations warns about the catastrophic consequences of not stopping the rising temperature expected to approach 3.2-degrees celsius over pre-industrial levels by 2100.

The Case for Climate Hope

The good news is that technology, science, and a growing optimism by those of us who believe we can make a difference can act as catalyzers for change. 

The UN 17 sustainable development goals play a crucial role in guiding us to a better future ending poverty, ensuring people enjoy prosperity and a healthy planet. 

“What’s the point of having economic growth if we don’t have a planet to live in?”

"What's the point of having economic growth if we don't have a planet to live in?"

Start today

We have a role to play, choosing the way we live, the products we buy, and influencing the companies in which we work or invest. Tackling the climate crisis requires that individuals, companies, and governments work collaboratively, and every one of us has a role to play.

Learn about the problem, act on something, and share your experiences; 

Be courageous, we have only one planet and one life, to get involved; one

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