Smart Sustainability – Introduction

Welcome to the smart sustainability blog.

Climate change is one of the biggest threats humanity has ever faced and unless we reduce emissions rapidly we are going to face catastrophic consequences.

Multinational companies and investment leaders today have more significant influence than ever before. They have the resources and capabilities to play a vital role in accelerating carbon reduction.

Nevertheless, we have organizations designed to deliver profits to shareholders. Our world needs companies that create long term environmental, social, and economic value (triple bottom line) to a broader audience of stakeholders.

Conversely, the need to create to the triple bottom line, creates a gap in the companies capabilities and in the governance required to succeed. Furthermore, short term thinking or failure to deliver to the new stakeholder expectations will poise companies to lose social trust and disappear. 

“Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders.”

Larry Fink – BlackRock’s CEO

My name is Carlos Sanchez and in this blog I want to share my experience as a climate change advisor to help others make the world become a better place.

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