Paperless Office during COVID19

If you are working from home due to the coronavirus lockdown.

And you are buying a printer and using lots of printer paper…

IMO, you are doing it wrong.

Chances that you are wasting time⌚, money? and, producing emissions, deforestation and extra water consumption ? are HIGH. (read WWF’s Pulp and Paper environmental impacts report)

Having a paperless home office during COVID19 home lockdown??

MUCH better.

How to create a paperless home office?

1. Scan Everything, discard useless documents and store those that you may need in the future. Finding key information will be extremely easy afterwards.
2. Use a tablet, phone or the computer for taking notes.
3. Create a system to Store and Sort documents.
4. Use a cloud service to store safely your documents.
5. Switch your subscriptions to online magazines or newspaper
6. Buy and use an e-reader
7. Reuse the papers and recycle them.

Paperless Office

Building the office and getting use to these new habits will require an effort at the beginning. Very soon, you will become MORE productive and find everything you need when you come back to the office.

Creating a paperless home office is a skill that requires time but it is an achievement you will be proud of.

Be constant and share your progress. Join the paperless movement!