Net-Zero companies debate

Net-Zero emissions companies is one of the topics that everyone is discussing these days.

It is one of the fastest-growing trends not only in corporate sustainability but also a business trend.

The number of net-zero emissions commitments from local governments and businesses has doubled in less than a year, as many prioritize climate action in their recovery from Covid-19 according to a report published by the Data-Driven EnviroLab.

Still, many organizations struggle to make their first steps to become Net-Zero companies.

For this reason in October 2020, I organized a live net-zero emissions debate to provide practical answers to most of the common questions we hear these days.

The debate was moderated by Helen Dewhurst and included experts in corporate sustainability as Dexter Galvin,  Thibaut Heurtebize,  Antonio Carrillo and myself

You can watch the recorded debate below:

Net-zero refers to reaching a balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere. In order to achieve this balance, companies can can either turn down their direct or indirect emissions released or increase the amount of emissions removed from the atmosphere.

Despite Net-Zero emissions companies is one of the fastest-growing business trends, the lack of standards puts off many organizations.

I hope that you find educative and positive watching this net-zero emissions debate.

Above all, the lack of clear guidance should not stop companies from starting a net-zero emissions journey.

You can find more information in my article about net-zero emissions companies.