Empowering schools to shrink our carbon footprint

Empowering schools to shrink our carbon footprint

Here I share my recent adventure in TEDx titled Empowering Teens and Schools to Shrink Our Carbon Footprint proudly hosted by the exceptional La Côte International School Aubonne. 🌍

Bringing this project to life has been an exciting opportunity to share my insights with students, teachers, and parents in the challenging and thought-provoking format of a Ted talk.

The talk covers the need for action on climate change and specifically on the role of teenagers and schools in reducing our carbon footprint. The talk explores the potential of young individuals to make a significant impact through their choices, actions, and collective efforts. It highlights practical strategies, innovative ideas, and inspiring examples to empower teenagers and educational institutions to become leaders in sustainability.

The talk aims to motivate and equip young people with the knowledge and tools they need to create a greener, more sustainable future for themselves and the planet.

It is our moral obligation to work with teenagers to help you understand the problem, to listen to their ideas and work together to shrink our carbon footprint.  

As I mention in the talk, this new generation, with their creativity and determination, will be remembered as the generation that saved humankind from extinction.