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“My dad plants trees and saves water” shared my 6-year old son last year at school, and when I heard it, I couldn’t feel more proud of working as an advisor in sustainability. What’s my story? Keep on reading below.

From automation to INSEAD

Automation and industrial robots got me jumping from car manufacturing to jamon serrano curing factories during my first five years after graduating in Engineering in Spain. In 2007, I obtained an MBA degree from one of the world’s best international business schools, INSEAD, which made me part of an active community aspiring to do big things in life.

My philosophy


With a new me, I went through renewables consultancy, ESCO business development, and manager of an energy efficiency department in a utility, allowing me to land in 2013 in Switzerland as head of the manufacturing energy efficiency program at Philip Morris International. It was an exciting challenge where thanks to establishing energy metering, best practices, and collaboration, we achieved +24% energy reduction in 2015 vs. 2010.

Corporate Smart Sustainability

Two years later, PMI asked me to lead its environmental program, a challenge I accepted with enthusiasm. Sustainability was then a growing trend, and we had to learn quickly and act without much information available. We designed a renewable investment program, built a comprehensive carbon footprint, and set science carbon targets aligned with the Paris accord goals, receiving awards like a historical Climate and Water CDP A-list in 2017.

I’m fortunate enough to have drawn a fantastic team and collaborated with a growing community in my organization that supports my vision on how smart sustainability should be delivered. I would not be able to do what I do without their support.

A past webinar with Bruno Sarda (CDP) and Johanna Levy (Firmenich)

"Smart sustainability one day will be present in all functions of the companies."

About Carlos Sanchez


What’s next

Reading overwhelming scientific facts about the effect of carbon emission on climate change, I have started a journey to share my experience with other experts, investors, and startups and contribute to accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy. As a speaker, I see myself as a facilitator of ideas and a connector.


My work in sustainability competes in energy and time with my other passions: my smart and beautiful wife, our two adorable kids, and racing in mountain bike cross country as a member of the Club du Littoral.

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